Chih-Sheng LAI

Drifting Sandbar
2018│mixed media, dimension variable

The artist drills near the ends of the hollow wiring ducts, deeply hidden and abandoned long ago in the floor slab, and leads them out with steel cables, as if the invisible cables in the house are stretched out. These interwoven cables will support a platform similar to the floor slightly suspended, just like an old house creating a drifting sandbar between pulling and shaking.

A Tree Planted on the Wall
2018│installation, dimension variable

"I planted a tree on the wall.
During the observation period, I found that the plants around here knew quite well how to get along with the houses. Thanks to them, the houses became almost part of nature. So, I want to plant a tree on the wall, under the sunshine in some afternoon. If, one day, it grows big enough to break the wall, then we will have the opportunity to reconsider how the space could be further configured."